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2022 Rookie Year


Designed for the FRC 2022 Rapid React game. CronkBot helped Glitch 2.0 place 9th in the North Carolina District. CronkBot is armed with a belt-driven ball elevator and an automatic indexing system, as well as an intake made of print-in-place Mecanum wheels. An adjustable hood allows for CronkBot's shooting angle and direction to be changed between matches, throwing off the competition. A dual action climber with 2 static and 2 kinematic arms led to Glitch's extremely high rate of success on the traversal climb each match.


2023 Year

Megastuf (aka The goose)

Glitch's most complex robot yet! MEGASTUF was built for the 2023 Charged Up season and was a consistent scorer on the field. It features a two-degree-of-freedom counterbalanced arm on a 320-degree turreted base, allowing for fine adjustment on the field to stay competitive against teams with swerve. Additionally, it has a custom Corner Omni West Coast Drivetrain that provides excellent agility and maneuverability at an affordable price. The robots name stems from the giant 12" diameter 3D printed pulley the turret rotates on, which is held in place by aluminum wafers. The arm is controlled with a state-space control model and a full physics simulation, and has highly optimized fluid arm trajectories which allowed for consistent and efficient scoring at any location. Thanks to a sophisticated design and high quality controls, Glitch was a highly competitive team in the 2023 season.

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