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NEW PIT 2024

During the 2023 offseason, the team completely remade our pit for the new season, constructing custom folding cases that could be easily transported across the state to competitions. See the full breakdown of the process here. 

Case By Case

Glitch 2.0's old pit consisted of several sets of drawers that would be wheeled around to competitions… not the most efficient or aesthetically appealing design, but it got the job done until this year, when the decision was finally made to create a proper pit, thanks to the 2024 mentors that pushed this project to move forward. The Superpit, while custom-designed and built by Glitch, is a design that has been done by many different teams, in many different ways. Thanks to Hightide (FRC 4414) in particular for inspiring this design. 


See a case-by-case breakdown of the new Superpit below, as well as the parts list and CAD. All dimensions are in inches.

BiG Tool Case

This case is structured around an existing set of drawers that used to be part of our old pit. It holds all of our tools; screwdrivers, hex wrenches, wire strippers, and anything else we may need, as well as lots and LOTS of backups. 

BAttery CASE

Holds all of the batteries, both for the robot and for power tools, such as drills. It contains built-in charging ports, and a power strip for other devices. A row of T-Handle hex wrenches also resides here for easy access.


The middle case on the right side of our pit holds any extra supplies we may need, as well as a few essentials including our first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and pit chairs. 

Parts Storage Cases (2)

Two cases flank the middle storage case on the right side of the pit, each of which has identical dimensions. These cases are reserved to store any extra parts we may require at competitions, as well as more pit chairs and the portable 3D printer. 


What went into the Superpit?

This list includes all the parts that our team bought to build and furnish our pit. This list doesn't include the cases we use to store screws, gears, etc., or the gray bins depicted that hold backup parts. These were items that our team already had. The overall cost of the materials we ordered for this project fell around 7,000 dollars. 

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