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Our History

The Beginning: Glitch 5854 (2016 - 2020)

Glitch was a community based veteran First Robotics Team hosted at the University of North Carolina in Asheville (UNCA). It competed from 2016 to 2020, but when the pandemic began and its members started to graduate, team 5854 partially disbanded.

Glitch 2.0 8727 (2021 Summer)

In the summer of '21, a new FRC team was registered for Asheville High Schools' engineering department. Several weeks later one of the mentors from Glitch 5854 approached the engineering director at AHS/SILSA and asked if we would consider reforming Glitch as a rookie team and moving it from the small room at UNCA to the AHS/SILSA engineering room. The team would qualify as a rookie team since only 3 of the students had attended a competition.

Glitch 2.0 goes to competition at UNC Asheville (2022)

Glitch 2.0 goes to its first competition! A broken 125:1 Gearbox, a broken climbing hook, drivetrain failures, and programming issues resulted in a rocky start, but perseverance led 8727 to the quarterfinals, collecting 24 district points and placing 23rd. Glitch received the Rookie All Star award and the Highest Rookie Seed award.

Glitch 2.0 goes to competition at UNC Pembroke (2022)

After some failures at UNCA, Glitch 2.0 went into UNC Pembroke prepared and ready for competition. With a new scouting system and a freshly repaired robot, Glitch played consistently and secured a strong 4th-place finish (20 positions higher than at UNCA). Glitch also won the Highest Rookie Seed Award, and the Quality Award, and earned 48 district points.

Glitch 2.0 goes to the State competition at Campbell University (2022)

It was time for all the hard work to pay off! Glitch had a smooth and consistent performance, earning a 10th place finish at the competition as the first pick on an alliance with Yeti Robotics (3506) and Bots on Wheels (4290). Glitch also won the Highest Rookie Seed Award.

Glitch 2.0 goes to competition at UNC Asheville (2023)

After a busy build season, Glitch 2.0 headed to UNCA. A robot that had only been finished days earlier proved difficult to control for the team's drivers and found itself in a few sticky situations like when faced with a broken chain on the arm. However, the team made it to almost every match and came out 25th in qualification. Glitch was picked to join Alliance 5 with teams 6004, f(x) and 9000, the Zebracakes. Off the field, the Glitch 2.0 business plan impressed the judges, and Glitch was awarded the first Sustainability award of the 2023 FIRST North Carolina season.

Glitch 2.0 goes to competition in Mecklenburg Country (2023)

After a second year of struggles at UNCA, Glitch 2.0 showed up in Charlotte refreshed a prepared. Between the two competitions, the team had fixed a number of small bugs, upgraded an important chain, and trained hard. Coming out of qualification, team 8727 was ranked #5 and would find themselves captaining alliance #3 with teammates 4829, the Titanium Tigers and 9297, the BOGOBOTS. Glitch's alliance would make it to round 5 of the playoffs, taking home a 3rd alliance finish. The team also found success with the judges and was awarded the Excellence in Engineering award.

Glitch 2.0 goes to the State competition in Greenville, NC (2023)

Glitch 2.0 showed up to the 2023 state competition ready to continue with the momentum from Mecklenburg. Six fresh sets of optimized arm trajectories and many more hours of driver practice aided the team on the field where Glitch was able to place rank 12. In the playoffs, Glitch joined teammates 6502, Darcside and 4290, Bots on Wheels. Sadly, the alliance suffered two losses in a row after having a tough matchup against the #1 seed, followed by an extremely close match of 136-139 against alliance #4. However, the team made FIRST North Carolina history by winning the first ever FNC district championship Sustainability Award thanks to the efforts of the team's business members and sponsors.

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