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Our Impact

FIRST Robotics is "more than robots" and Team 8727 Glitch 2.0 takes this to heart, creating innovative and impactful outreach programs that allow participants to discover new skills and provide solutions to community challenges.


Our Future Builders program is a scalable, STEM Education program with the goal of creating STEM learning opportunities for disadvantaged and underrepresented individuals while reducing educational gaps exacerbated by COVID-19. With this, we prioritize long-term quality relationships, helping one person at a time.


Furthermore, Glitch 2.0 prides itself on creating new and expanding our outreach programs, and, with Glitch Green, we have done just that. We continue to promote sustainability in our region by attending Asheville Greenworks' Hard to Recycle events and we have created two new programs: a Denim Drive and an Electronic Repair Program. Both of which keep recyclables out of the landfill and give such products new life, directly supporting Habitat for Humanity's affordable housing mission.


Denim drive

Here at Asheville High School and the School of Inquiry and Life Sciences, we collect donations of denim from our peers. Later down the road, we hand that denim over to the Habitat for Humanity, where they use the material for insulation in the shelter they build for the people and communities that need it.

future builders

Another thing we care about here at Glitch 2.0 Robotics is our community and making sure that everyone has the right to education. That is why we collaborate with organizations such as Serve to Lead to provide tutoring to those in need and to give free lessons in STEM.


hard 2 recycle

Every so often, we participate in an event called Hard 2 Recycle, where we collect materials and items such as electronics that are difficult to recycle in the traditional manner.

Habitat ReStore E-Repair_1.webp

Electronics repair

Electronics repair is another program we collaborate on with Habitat ReStore to help reduce overall electronic waste. We collect that waste and fix it up so that it can either be re-used by our team or sent back into circulation.


robot demos

Every once in a while, we decide to add extra excitement and enthusiasm for robotics in the community by bringing our robots to events such as Meet the Geeks or the Asheville Maker Faire.

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