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Join the team!

Any student at Asheville High School or the School of Inquiry and Life Sciences at Asheville can join team 8727, no experience required. Glitch is open to all, and members are not required to pay to participate on the team. Adults can support Glitch as mentors who their time to help students learn and be inspired. Lastly, anyone can help the team through sponsorship. Donations and sponsorship keeps Glitch free to its members and helps us make an impact in the WNC community.


Become a member

The Glitch 2.0 team is made up of many sub-teams. Whether a member wants to learn machining in Fabrication, C++ in Programming, or pneumatics in Electrical, everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. Additionally, members less interested in robot building can work in Glitch's extremely important Operations sub-team.


Become a mentor

Adult mentors are vital to the Glitch 2.0 team. Mentors teach members important skills in their fields of expertise, as well as being role models for the next generation of scientists. Mentors help manage the sub-teams, keep members on task, and ensure safety while building the robot.


Become a sponsor

Donating to Glitch ensures that the team stays free and accessible to all of its members. Glitch's sponsors are integral to its function and create a huge impact on the team and its ability to benefit the community. Donations of any size are valued, and because Glitch 2.0 is a club at Asheville High School, donations are tax deductible.

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