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MegaStuf at UNCA!

Our new robot MEGASTUF has made its debut at the FNC district UNC Asheville event today (3/4/23)!

After an intense eight weeks of building, wiring, and programming, our newest robot is finally taking to the field! With the help of our dedicated mentors and students, and our amazingly supportive sponsors, Glitch is ecstatic to have been able compete with a fully operational robot today! We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors ASRC Federal, PINEGATE Renewables, AvL Technologies, Asheville High School / SILSA, and the University of North Carolina at Asheville. We would also like to thank FNC North Carolina for providing us with an opportunity to compete!

The Glitch 2.0 programming team also put in a lot of work today, creating new trajectories for our two degree of freedom arm and getting the arm's rotational turret operational! Early issues with drive train slip on the Charging stations were also solved today, with the replacement of our back omnidirectional wheels with traction ones.

Our awards team also did an amazing job in their FIRST Impact Interview today, sharing with FIRST Judges how we serve our community.

Lastly, in other exciting news, our team's Safety Captain Gabriella won the Safety All Star Award at today's competition for her efforts in maintaining a safe and well organized pit space for our team and robot!


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