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Glitch 2.0 at THOR West 2023!

After an amazing 2023 season, Glitch has wrapped up its 2023 off-season by competing at the FIRST North Carolina Thundering Herd of Robots competition!

Team 8727 came to THOR armed with an (almost) entirely new drive team, as well as upgraded controls on the robot. Small upgrades from the off-season include haptic controller feedback, a single-driver control scheme, and a number of small bug fixes. Glitch ran into zero issues of robot reliability and only had one issue of robot damage: the sponsor plate. The one and only acrylic component of the robot was struck during a collision with another team and split into two pieces. The 2023 sponsor plate that served the team so well has been retired, however, plans are currently underway to replace it!

After a fantastic qualification, Glitch 2.0 came out as the #5 ranked team. Captaining the third alliance, Glitch was joined by team 1533 Triple Strange, and team 6639 The Mechanical Minds. After a long run, Alliance #3 reached the last match before the finals, where they were eliminated in a close game with a score of 123 to 125.

Thank you so much to all of our members and mentors who came, our sponsors who have supported us, and FIRST North Carolina for helping make this awesome event possible!


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