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2024 Season

Ready to go following a busy build season, Glitch 2.0 made an appearance at their first competition of the 2024 season with their new robot, Melodie. Day one had them steadily climbing the rankings to the top 3, however, a series of technical failures including a near-dead battery led to a rocky second day. Still, the team pulled through and ended the qualifying matches ranked 4th. Glitch was the first pick for #3 seed SPORK (3196), while HOTBOTZ (2640) rounded out Alliance 2. The team made it to the finals, winning their last match 71-57 and taking home the first (winners) Blue Banner in their 8-year history!

Renewed and invigorated from their success at UNCP, Glitch spent a busy week making fixes to their robot, Melodie, before diving back into competition at UNCA. They made a strong start, holding on to 1st for most of the qualifying matches before dropping to 2nd right before the playoffs. Captaining the 2nd Alliance, they united with LYNK (9496) and BOGOBOTS (9297) to slowly but surely make their way through the bracket. The team had a few setbacks, including jammed game pieces and a faulty hard stop, but with some quick fixes, managed to win the finals and come out with a blue banner once again. Glitch 2.0 was granted the Sustainability Award for the second time in the 2024 season, a testament to the hard work of its members and it’s connection to the WNC community.

Glitch 2.0 showed up to the 2024 state competition ready to continue with the momentum from both UNCP and UNCA. After many changes and fixes to Melodie, Glitch 2.0 managed to finish in the 8th rank. In the playoffs, Glitch chose teams 3196, SPORK, and 5160, Chargers, as their allies. Unfortunately, the alliance suffered two losses in a row after having tough matchups against the 2nd and 3rd alliances. Despite this, the team made history by becoming the world record holder for most Sustainability Awards, overtaking team 948, the Newport Robotics Group

Due to its successful year at UNCP and UNCA, Glitch 2.0 managed to be one of 13 teams that qualified for the Worlds Championship in Houston, Texas. After finishing in rank 34 of 74 in the Curie division, Glitch 2.0 was the second pick for teams 3950, RoboGym Robotics, and 5687, The Outliers, with team 5907, CC Shambots, as backup. After two difficult matches against alliances 4 and 1, Glitch 2.0 and its allies were eliminated from the competition, finishing 4th in North Carolina and top 8% in the world.

Glitch 2.0 would like to thank everyone that made this year possible, from the dedicated students and mentors who worked hard to put everything together, to the wonderful parents that set their time aside to help in whatever ways possible, to the amazing sponsors that put their money into allow us to create Melodie and bring her to the varying competitions in and out of the state.


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